Casemachine Sesto Sport Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5s
Coming soon is probably the best slip-on iPhone 5 case from Casemachine. The Sesto Sport case doesn’t just keep it tidy, hypnotic and gripping but also offers elite drop protection from all sides at all times. Now you don’t have to worry about aligning stretchy rubber and other economic polymers and screwing each tiny part together to protect your iPhone from scratches – the Sesto Sport will not only meet your expectations in providing durable protection but
Casemachine’s proprietary HDI TPU ensures your phone stays in your hands, forever!
Want a phone case that gives the best grip over the silky smooth iPhone 5? Well, the Sesto Sport is here to do just that. Not only is it our newest creation, but simply the most elegant offering from Casemachine in the slip-on hybrid market. You just have to get your hands on one of these gorgeous masterpieces to believe all the fine details and appreciate the hard work our design engineers have put in to create something that looks good while providing dependable drop/scratch/impact protection round the clock
Our TPU has been tested at our Casemachine headquarters in Miami, FL and the tests have been worth the effort. Our design engineers have only chosen the best materials for the Sesto Sport and its premium build speaks for itself. We guarantee an elevated user experience with the Sesto Sport case for Apple iPhone 5. The case would customize your iPhone and make it stand out of the crowd from all other devices in the market while not affecting the phone’s inherent beauty.
The ribbed corner design was first introduced on the Slimline composite case (v2). With the Sesto Sport, we have made sure the results are far more impressive. The StretchTight TPU liner will keep your iPhone just in place while the ribbed corners do not let the Sesto Sport case feel loose around the corners. Along with that, the dynamic inner design of the Sesto Sport case keeps the iPhone at ease while absorbing all impact and not letting any component of your smartphone get damaged.
A refined design lets you enjoy using your phone even more and our attention to each and every detail has proven to be successful. The prototypes have provided quite impressive test results and the overall appeal of the new Sesto Sport case would be hard to resist for just about anyone if not impossible
Excellent Drop Protection
Compatible with most 3rd party headphones
Automotive inspired design
Interchangeable polycarbonate backplate
Light weight, versatile
Integrated Lamborghini LED design sleep awake button
Prepare to cover your iPhone with one of the most elite TPU-Polycarbonate hybrids ever created to date. Oh, and we don’t just say that – you just have to get a Sesto Sport case for your iPhone device to believe it. The racecar inspired design of the Sesto Sport case is worthy of receiving top ranks amongst some of the best iPhone 5 case reviews from top-tier accessory reviewers.
As with all other composite cases offered by Casemachine, the Sesto Sport case also comes with a lifetime craftsmanship warranty. And you don’t have to pay a penny extra for the warranty plan – we were just too confident on the build and quality of the Sesto Sport! We would love you to find another composite case with such fine details for your iPhone 5 because the Sesto iPhone 5 case has a class of its own. Just like all other Casemachine accessories, the Sesto lineup is only made for pure racecar fanatics looking to pay any price for a nonesuch user experience.

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“My friend gifted me a Casemachine Sesto Sport Case for Apple iPhone 5 last month. I must say, it is one of the very few cases which I really liked. In fact, it is the only case which I’ve had on my iPhone for over a month! I don’t really like cases, and get irritated by their loose corners and bulkiness.The Slimline Flex case, however, changed the way around that. It takes exactly 2.5 seconds to stretch it on, and a second to slip it off.Couldn’t be happier with it – love the aluminum accent stripes.”

Mindy K, Georgia